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The Fall Checklist for Your Roof

Fall is around the corner and it’s important that you double check your gutters, making sure your house and family are well protected. Here is a check list to keep in mind while you begin your search for home improvements.

Check to see if water damage or mold exists around the house.

This is a sign that your gutters are not doing their job, therefore the best advice is to replace them.

Make sure there are no holes, breaks, cracks, and rust on the gutters.

If there is damage, procrastinating could create further more expensive damage in the future.

Check whether there are marks in you landscaping around the house.

Your garden area and plants can be a great resource to look. If there are deep water marks in the garden or the water doesn’t seem to go anywhere chances are your gutters are not doing their job.

This is a great start to preparing for fall and winter weather here in Washington.

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