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The Advantages of Composition Tile Roofing


Color Variety

  • Composition roof tiles come in a variety of different colors due to the many different materials they can be made from. Such a large amount of color choices will ensure that your roof matches the rest of your house.

Composition Variety

  • Some higher quality composition tiles are made out of materials such as fiberglass or asphalt. There are recycled versions as well if you are looking to be environment friendly.


  • Composition roofs are extremely durable. They require a low amount of maintenance and can be walked on without damaging the material. Another advantage is that most composition shingles offer Class A fire protection which is especially reassuring for the dry summer time.

Easy Installation

  • Composition shingles are very simple to install and can sometimes even be applied over an existing roof.


  • Composition roofing is often times less expensive than shake or tile roofing. The lower price point combined with the time tested durability of composition shingles is a great combination.

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