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Technical Data

Information & Specs on D. Hughes Roofing products.

A datasheet, data sheet, or spec sheet is a document that summarizes the performance and other technical characteristics of a product or material.

It covers things like manufacture standards, ASTM standards, specific weights and product dimensions, and so on.

If that’s something you’re interested in, this is the page for you. Click on any of the titles or images below to open the PDF.


Composition Roofing Technical Data

Integrity Roof.jpgPresidential Series Composition Roofing

Landmark Series Composition Roofing

CertainTeed 12″ Filtered Ridge Vent

Landmark Solaris

Roofers’ Select Underlayment

DiamondDeck Underlayment

WinterGuard Underlayment

High Performance Starter Shingles

Integrity Roof System Brochure



Metal Roofing Technical Data

D. Hughes Metal Roofing

NRM-5000/NRM 6000 Spec Sheet

NRM-1000 Spec Sheet

NRM-1750 Spec Sheet 

NRM-2000 Spec Sheet

NRM-4000 Spec Sheet

NRM-4500TR Spec Sheet

NRM-7000 Spec Sheet

NRM-8000 Spec Sheet

Roofing Trim/Flashing Profiles


Shake & Tile Roofing Technical Data

slate-roofingGeneral Spec Sheet

Tech Sheet Bellaforté Shake

Tech Sheet Bellaforté Slate

Tech Sheet Fancy Shake

Tech Sheet Multi-Width Shake

Tech Sheet Multi-Width Slate

Tech Sheet Single-Width Shake

Tech Sheet Single-Width Slate


- Additional Data Sheets Coming Soon -