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Using Zinc to Kill Roof Moss

As we enter the middle of winter in the Pacific Northwest, the amount of rain and wind have been increasing from the fall. Washington state is ranked as the fifth state with the most precipitation and snow during the winter season. These elements bring wear and tear on our homes which if gone untreated can result in some very expensive projects. Chances are, your roof looks like this:

Roof Moss Build Up

Due to the mostly wet and cool climate of the area, moss can grow and cause expensive┬áproblems. The moss can start to deteriorate the roof and can even hold moisture and eventually cause leaking. ┬áSo what’s the best way to combat moss growth on your roof?

Zinc Strips Can Kill Roof Moss

Removing and preventing the moss from growing back is easy, inexpensive, and quick. Zinc strips, which can be purchased at home improvement stores, are a safe and effective way to kill the moss.

They should be installed along the ridges of the peak, the hips of the roof, or beneath the shingles. It is crucial that the strips are applied in these places so that rainwater is sure to wash over them, dragging particles of zinc along with it. This zinc enhanced water will kill any moss that it runs over and will prevent any return. There are other methods that can be used to kill moss, but the zinc strips are the most preventative.


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