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Our Process – What To Expect


Getting a new roof? Replacing the old one?

Are You Ready

Every roofing project is different. When we come to your home, we’ll create a customized quote just for you. In the mean time, here’s our general process, so you know what to expect:

1.  Estimation Meeting: We’ll go over roofing options, and create your free no obligation roofing estimate.

2.  Scheduling Your Start Date: So you’ll know which crew to expect, at what time, and how long it’ll take. (Usually 2-3 days, depending on size/complexity of your roof)

3. Prepping Your Yard: This is an optional step that we suggest to our customers. Deck furniture, vases, yard gnomes, and other objects usually found around your property should be moved inside, just in case. We run a clean site, but even the cleanest roofing project gets messy. Misc debris and dust can’t

4. Covering Furniture Under Skylights: Another optional step to reduce the impact from possible dust/debris.

5. Dumpster Delivery:  Dropped off prior to your projects start date, this container will need to be as close to the building as possible. Please re-park your cars so they’re not in our way….and so that we’re not in yours. (We definitely don’t want to pin your daily driver in the garage.)

6.  Material Delivery: Your new roofing materials will usually arrive the day of, or the day before your roofing project starts.

7.  First Day(s): Tearing off the old roof, installing waterproof underlayment (to keep your home safe, just in case it rains.)

8.  Installing your new roof: Our team will install all of the crutial components of your new roof -

  • A Solid Nailing Surface – If your existing roof only has skip sheathing, we will install 1/2″ CDX plywood as required by local building codes
  • Vapor Barrier - 30lb. ASTM D226 rated felt underlayment. 
  • Ice & Water  - Install ice and water shield under all valley metal and at all penetrations.
  • Starter Material - As required by the manufacturer.
  • Your Chosen Roofing Materials - Shingles, tiles, metal…
  • Ridge - D Hughes Roofing uses CertainTeed High-profile Mountain Ridge on EVERY roof we install.
  • Venting - Installed on horizontal ridges.
  • Pluming - The existing rubber/galvanized plumbing boots will be removed and replaced with full length, solid lead pipe flashing sleeves with matching prefabricated lead rain caps.  (Only the top roofing companies do this!)
  • Exhaust Vents - For kitchen and bathroom fans.
  • Flashing - Valleys, gables, rake edges, step, chimney,roof to wall, and gutter edges. (Skylights too, if applicable.)
  • Skylights - Existing skylight will be removed and replaced with a new, Energy-Efficient, “Low-E”, Velux Comfort Plus Skylight.
  • Permanent Roof Anchors - Attached to the peak of the roof. This will provide an anchor point for fall protection equipment.
  • Gutters - We will manufacture 5” seamless gutters to custom fit your home.


9.  Clean Up/Final Walk Through: At the end of the job the site will be cleaned of roofing debris and materials. This will include the roof, gutters and grounds. (We will clean the grounds after each work day as well.)

10.  Final Walk Through: Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our crew lead will show you what we’ve done, and answer any final questions you might have.

Would you like to see pictures of a shake to composite roof replacement? Click on any of the images below to enlarge.