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About Membrane Roofing

Membrane roofing is a type of roofing system that is designed for flat or nearly flat roofs.  Membrane roofing is popular on these types of roofs because it helps create a waterproof seal and helps prevent leaks if installed correctly.  Membrane roofing has been very popular in the commercial world, but more and more residential home owners with flat roofs or low slope roofs are turning to this system for their homes.

Membrane roofing has changed the game for roofing on flat roofs or low sloped roofs.  The older way of flat roofing, with asphalt and gravel, is typically less effective and needs more upkeep than the newer membrane roofing systems.  Asphalt and gravel methods typically are more difficult to get a good waterproof seal, and wear out over time.

When properly installed by an expert, membrane roofing systems are very strong and virtually leak proof.  Leaks are easily detected, compared to asphalt and gravel methods, and the membrane can contract and expand with the building during extreme weather.  Membrane roofing is also very UV resistant, and it doesn’t require extra weight applied to it to stay attached to the roof.

Membrane roofs should always be installed by professionals as the process is very dangerous and tricky.  If installed incorrectly, major problems can happen quickly, and they can be expensive to fix.

If you have questions about membrane roofing systems, give D. Hughes Roofing a call today!  We are experienced in installing and repairing flat roofing systems and get the job done right at a fair price.

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