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4 Advantages of Torch Down Roofing

Another roofing option is torch down.  Torch down is ideal for flat or low pitch roofs. Here are some advantages for you to consider:

1. Leakproof

Torch down roofing is a rubberized asphalt that is melted to your roof with the use of a torch. If you need water resistance that is flexible, but strong, torch down is the way to go.

2. Protection from Heat

With extra coats torch down becomes increasingly fire resistant. In addition, torch down reflects UV rays, keeping your business, or home, cooler.

3. Life of up to 20 Years

The average life of torch down is 15 to 20 years. It is likely to never need repairs. Only in the most extreme conditions may you have to do so.

4. No Noxious Fumes

Torch down roofing has no fumes. In contrast, an alternative, tar, does.

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