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4 Advantages of Installing Metal Shingles on your Roof

Another roofing option available to you is metal. It isn’t what comes to mind when you think of traditional roofing, but there are advantages to having a metal roof. Here are some tings to consider when roofing.


1. Longevity

Metal roofs are meant to have the same life expectancy as your home. When installed properly, metal roofs seal out water, withstand high speed winds, and sheds off snow easily. In addition it is also fire resistant, keeps out bugs, and will not rot or mildew.

2. Lightweight

Metal roofing is considerably lighter than other roofing options, especially tile and slate roofing. Metal roofing ranges from 50 to 150 pounds, compared to 750 pounds per 100 square feet. Because it is significantly lighter, metal roofing requires less support beams, something to consider with new home construction or additions.

3. Fire Resistant

Most metal roofs are given a Class A fire rating (the highest rating). The material underneath the surface of the roof can lower or raise the rating further. An example of something that would make a metal roof rating go down would be having an old wood shingle roof underneath the new one.

4. Heat conduction

Metal roofing reflects heat from the sun, minimizing heat gain. For insulation, dead space can be utilized for energy efficiency.

Of course there are considerations when thinking about installing metal roofing. As metal roofing is a premium product costs tend to be higher, but it does add value back to your home. Also because it is metal, sound tends to reverberate louder, such as rainfall. However this can be counteracted with insulation. Lastly, depending on the material, metal roofing can be more prone to dents and can show evidence of marring.

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